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Tuesday and Wednesday 4 Course for $20 Menu


Fried Green Tomatoes

Served with a Roasted Tomato, Garlic and Fresh Basil Aioli

Polenta e Pomodoro

Imported Plum Tomatoes and Sweet Sausage sautéed with White Beans, Olive Oil and Garlic, over Grilled Polenta; topped with Fresh Basil and Grated Romano Cheese


Sweet Sausage and Asiago Cheese stuffed balls of Risotto, Panko Crumb Encrusted and Fried; served with Marinara Sauce 

Calamari Marinara

Tender Calamari, Onions and Mushrooms sautéed with White Wine, Butter, Garlic and Marinara Sauce

Soup or Salad

Italian Wedding or Tossed Salad

Your choice of Homemade Chicken Pastina or Tossed Garden Salad


Homemade Cavatelli

Spaghetti all'Amatriciana

Imported Italian Tomatoes sauteed with Olive Oil, Onions, Pancetta, Red Crushed Pepper and Basil 

Penne Primavera

Fresh Vegetables sauteed with Imported Olive Oil and Garlic, tossed with Penne

Homemade Manicotti

Topped with Marinara Sauce and Fresh Basil


Chicken Sorrento

Breaded and Baked Chicken Cutlet layered with Roasted Peppers, Prosciutto, Eggplant, Marinara Sauce and Mozzarella Cheese

Faore Island Salmon

Pan Seared with Imported Olive Oil, served with Grilled Asparagus, chopped Tomatoes, White Wine, Butter, Garlic and Lemon   

Veal and 3 Cheeses

Tender Veal Medallions, Roasted Peppers and Mushrooms sautéed with Marsala Wine, topped with Asiago, Gorgonzola and Fontina Cheeses 

Stuffed Pork Chop

Sweet Sausage stuffed center cut Pork Chop topped with Romesco Sauce, served with a Roasted Garlic and Imported Aged Romano Cheese Gremolata